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APS Office
APS Office v1.53 - full CD (current release)
English v1.53 326.53 MB
APS Office
APS Office v1.53 - update for PC only
English v1.53 14.38 MB
APS Office
APS v1.53 & TSi - updater pack for both PC & TSi
English v1.53 37.48 MB
Configurator application for RFID Readers
English v2.13.26 7.52 MB
Dairy Scale
Dairy Scale - Firmware update
English v1.05.07 639 KB
Sheep Auto Drafter
Firmware update
English v1.02.02 919 KB
NAIT Exchange
NAIT Exchange application
English v1.02.00 2.22 MB
HR1 - Portable handheld reader
SmartReader HR1 - Firmware update - SEE NOTICE BELOW
English v1.05.00 421.5 KB
HR3 - Portable handheld reader- SEE NOTICE BELOW
SmartReader HR3 - Firmware update
Multiple languages v1.08.1 502.5 KB
R & BR - Portable handheld reader
SmartReader R/BR - Firmware update
English v1.13.02 474 KB
SmartScale (Ruddweigh)300
SmartScale 300/Ruddweigh 300 - Firmware update
English v3.49.02 638.5 KB
SmartScale (Ruddweigh)500
SmartScale 500/Ruddweigh 500 - Firmware update
English v5.50.02 637.5 KB
SmartScale (Ruddweigh)700
SmartScale 700/Ruddweigh 700 - Firmware update
English v7.04.03 638 KB
SmartScale (Ruddweigh)800
SmartScale 800/Ruddweigh 800 - Firmware update
English v8.07.00 639.5 KB
Smart TSi
TSi v1.53 - Firmware update
English v1.53 27.10 MB
USB Drivers
USB:RS232 Driver (Windows Vista)
English Windows Vista 1.96 MB
USB Drivers
USB:RS232 Driver (Windows XP/Vista/7)
English v1.7.0 3.09 MB
USB Drivers
USB:RS232 Driver (Windows XP/Vista/7)
English v1.00.00 2.91 MB
W310 Weighscale
W310 - Firmware update
Multiple languages v1.02.01 639 KB
Weigh Scale W610
W610 - Firmware update
Multiple languages v1.06.00 640.5 KB
Weigh Scale W810
W810 - Firmware update
Multiple languages v1.06.00 640.5 KB






We would like to advise owners of Gallagher HR1 Hand Held Electronic Tag Readers with software prior to v1.05.0 (HR1) to upgrade to new software.

On rare occasions the earlier versions of the software code in the readers may cause information in some FDX eartags to be misread. If a tag is misread it will result in incorrect data being sent from the reader. To the user, it will appear the tag reader has read the tag correctly.

A software improvement has been tested and verified to eliminate this risk, and has been released for both the HR3 and HR1 tag readers.

Alternatively, you can send your reader back to Gallagher to upgrade the software free of charge. Returns can be processed by your local Gallagher stockist.




STEP 1: Connect the SmartReader HR1 to the computer:

  1. Connect the black data cable into the computer. If your computer does not have a 9 pin RS232 connector, please connect via a USB:RS232 adapter.
  2. Connect a 12V power supply to the back of the black connector on the HR1 data lead.


STEP 2: Download the software:

  1. Click on either of the download options at the top of this page. The blue FTP option is better for larger file downloads, although will not work behind some security firewalls.
  2. If asked “Do you want to run or save this file?” click the 'Run' button.
  3. Alternately, if the software downloads into a “Downloads” folder, open the folder and then double click on file named “SmartReaderUpdater (HR1) v1.05.00.EXE” (common for users of the Google Chrome internet browser).
  4. If a security warning is shown referring to an 'Unknown Publisher', or suggesting that “SmartReaderUpdater... is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer”, then click 'Run', or 'Action' then 'Run anyway'. The updater application will then open.


STEP 3: Begin the update process:

  1. The updater application should be running on your PC (from STEP 2 above). Click on the button labelled 'Next >>'.
  2. The software will “scan ports” of your computer in order to find the connected HR1.
  3. Once the reader is found, the updater will display its current software and hardware information. Click 'Next >>' to start the update. The updater wizard will then proceed to update the reader's firmware.
  4. Once finished, you will be instructed to reset the reader to complete the update. Close the updater application by clicking 'Finish'.