Squeeze Chutes


 2000V Hydraulic Vet Squeeze Chute

Unique cradle design squeeze. Independent top and bottom body squeeze, wide vet door access both sides.


Q-Catch 4400 Squeeze Chute

Twin lock Q-Catch head gate door system locks securely on any size animal.  Easy push-pull operation.


 Q-Catch Head Holder

Ideal for ear tagging, dehorning, mouthing, implants, anything that requires you to work on the head of a cow.


Portable Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Hydra Squeeze 2000V with full wheel kit - includes wheels, tow hitch, jack. Take the chute to the cows, fast change over ready to operate in minutes


 Portable Q-Catch Squeeze Chute

This very popular squeeze chute with the towing option has the world famous Q-Catch head gate that is so easy to use that your cattle handling becomes a pleasure rather than a task.


Deluxe Portable 8FT Alley with Q-Catch Squeeze Chute

Portable 8ft Alley and Squeeze. Now Includes Q-Catch 8400 Squeeze Chute with full parallel squeeze.


 1000V Hydraulic Vet Squeeze Chute

Bottom door access both sides.  Wide vet door access both sides.  Full side exit both sides.

Deluxe Self Catch Vet Squeeze Chute with Palp Cage

Rear control option available.  Heavy duty self-catch head gate.  Heavy duty rolling door at rear standard.

Q-Catch Head Gate

Auto-adjusting head gate technology.  Yoke design to eliminate the up and  down movement of animal’s head.


Q-Catch Head Sweep

Easy to use manual operation.  Controls head movement for ear tagging, mouthing, eye treatment etc.