Case Study - Craig Wilson

Australia’s Biggest Wether Trial ‘Not On’ Without a TSi

New South Wales sheep consultancy and classing business, Craig Wilson Livestock, bought a TSi in 2010.  After using it during one of the biggest wether trials in the country, Craig's impressed with how much information the TSi can manage. He's also found it's tough and durable in the field; easily integrates information from other systems; and it's so simple  to use.

Craig Wilson: He's compared other weighing and EID systems
and says Gallagher's has been good all the
            way through.

Merino genetic consultant Craig Wilson is again running one of the biggest genetic comparisons in Australia.

The 2008-2010 wether trial, run at Taralga, NSW, includes several high-performing Merino bloodlines, evaluating 30 teams both per head and on net returns per hectare.

“Last year, we bought a TSi from Gallagher,” Craig says. “This is the biggest wether trial in the country, and we just cannot process that data without something like the TSi.”

Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Craig Wilson Livestock is one of Australia’s few fully independent sheep consultancy and classing businesses. Using traditional and high-tech breeding practices, it balances subjective assessment with objective measurement. “The result is profitable sheep that perform in the paddock.”

Craig, who consults to 15 Merino studs and 60 commercial clients (including some of Australia’s biggest Merino breeders), has always used Gallagher/Ruddweigh equipment, upgrading as the technology has evolved.             

Genetic controlling via highly accurate data

“My business is based on genetic controlling: identifying superior individuals and working out which ones to sell and which ones to breed from."

 “We have set up a system of individual measurement, doing ‘simultaneous selection', where we micron test, body weigh, class and colour code their tag according to micron.”

Craig’s clients rely on highly accurate data.

“About 30,000 young ewes a year go through that system, so in a lot of ways that’s really where the TSi comes into its own. It has allowed me to do a whole bunch of analysis at home, then put that data onto the TSi. That works easily.

“As the sheep are coming through in the yard, all their data is available to me — in real time.”

Efficiency enhances profitability, saves money

Craig cites efficiency and accuracy, with the associated cost relief, as other benefits.

 “Using the TSi and the electronic tags is a really efficient way to operate; we have cut tag-reading errors down to nil and it’s very much streamlined the whole process. There are huge labour savings for us in not needing someone there to read out data all the time. In some cases, it could be saving us $200 a day by using the TSi.”

Being out in the paddock and yards in all weather, Craig values the TSi’s touch screen and easy-to-see numbers.

“I have compared other equipment, but the Ruddweigh/Gallagher gear has been good all the way through. I don’t see the others offering anything that the TSi doesn’t."

“For me, a major benefit is the TSi’s capacity to handle an enormous amount of data. Some of these trials we do generate 30,000 measurements, and not once have I run into issues where it is slow or I’m finding it can’t do anything for me. It’s pretty good.”

A Merino authority, Craig has co-authored Money Makers: the merinos that make it: a book that analyses and identifies the most profitable Merino bloodlines via objective information.

“Some of the information in the book shows that small differences in bloodline performance can have powerful effects on a flock’s long-term profitability."

“In a lot of ways, the TSi is making my business more efficient.”