Case Study - Diccon Curry

TSi Data Provides Proof in South American Rustling Case

The TSi turned detective for beef farmer Diccon Curry, providing Diccon and police with enough data to intercept cattle thieves after stock went missing. The TSi not only proved its worth as an accurate weighing and EID recording and analysis system - Diccon also got most of his money back!

Diccon Curry : Police were able to use data provided
by his TSi  to pinpoint the precise
number and the individual identities of stolen stock.

Good detective work using information provided by a TSi helped Panamanian farmer Diccon Curry successfully resolve a much-publicised cattle rustling case. Diccon, who runs beef cattle on a farm near David in north-western Panama, installed a TSi in early 2009 to weigh and record EID tagged cattle.

Tracking the suspects

In September of that year he noticed some of his cattle were missing, so the data provided by the TSi and EID identification enabled him to quickly determine the precise number and the individual identities of the stock stolen. “With the information provided by the TSi and the APS software I was able to immediately produce an exact description of the missing cattle and formulate a very accurate complaint to the police.”

This proved essential in the investigations to come. With a solid base to work from and a very close indication of the theft dates, Diccon was able to conduct an elaborate investigation in his neighbourhood.

“Very soon I had a good idea of who the thieves were. With another week of secret intelligence on the suspects I came up with all the evidence I needed to confirm the suspects as being the cattle thieves."

 Solid evidence

Diccon passed the TSi information on to police             detectives who then requested cattle movement archives from the local authority. Different cattle sales were compared with the TSi data and a shipment of cattle from the suspected thieves showed up in the time frame highlighted by the TSi report.

This information was the main proof needed to continue the case, as it provided details of the buyer, the truck driver and the destination.

Diccon Curry Quote: The TSi and APS software provided accurate and timly information to the police.

Diccon says a solid report with all the relevant information was compiled and police then

 questioned the suspects who, up until then, were unaware an investigation had been carried out. “When the suspects were questioned and found themselves overwhelmed by all the precise information held against them, they all confessed to being guilty on the spot!” The thieves received prison sentences and after lengthy negotiations, Diccon received a compensation cheque for $US18,000.

Quick, accurate information is the key

He puts the quick and just resolution of the case down to accurate information. In many rustling cases, he says, the facts are too vague and lack credibility in court. Normally it also takes too long for the affected party to acquire the relevant information and this gives cattle rustlers time to cover their tracks. Diccon says his outstanding success in this case was “...mostly due to the TSi...” because it enabled him to immediately provide timely and accurate information to the police.

His story attracted enormous publicity in Panama, featuring on radio and television. As well as getting most of his money back, Diccon also won praise from other farmers. “And, knock on wood, my farm has since been left alone as far as cattle thieves are concerned.”