Brussels Agri Services Ltd. is all about SERVICE.

If a service is not mentioned, ask. We probably do it.

  • Paddock Setup and Design
    Check out the design I use on my own farm, Grazing Meadows. The Layout in Adobe.
  • Delivery available on larger items (i.e. feed, feeders and gates)

  • Feed Ration Advice

  • Custom Post Pounding - No job too small

Changing Paddocks

Stocker Cattle waiting to be shifted to new paddock. The cattle get so used to moving from paddock to paddock that they anticipate the next move and get in position as they see you approach.

Stockers moving to new paddock. The lure of a fresh crop of forage is too great as the cattle eagerly enter the new paddock.

Stockers content in new paddock. Immediately the cattle start grazing the new growth.