General Farming- Why use TSi?

With unlimited data recording capability and rugged, farm-ready housing, the general on-farm uses for the TSi are virtually endless. Here are a few examples of other non-livestock related applications for the TSi around the farm:

Paddock Management

With its highly flexible recording capability, the TSi can be used for recording paddock treatments, crop yields or any other attribute. Use the TSi to record grass cover, fertiliser application, soil test results, pasture spraying date and spray type/application rate, crop planted and planting date, etc. Each paddock can be given a name/number just like an animal, and by setting up various traits (measurements) and activities (treatments), maintaining a paddock history is very straightforward. No more scratching your head remembering which paddock was sprayed last year or the year before - or remembering which paddock needs some alternative treatment next year.

Crop Recording

Similar to paddock management as mentioned above, crops can be recorded against a paddock or area number in the TSi. Crop sowing date, fertiliser added, variety planted and yield for that area can all be recorded. Track the performance of each cropping area from year to year and ensure crop rotation is managed effectively. Record soil fertility levels and track this for each area over time. For crops grown for direct grazing, use the TSi to record liveweight gains for animals based on weight on and off the crop.

Vehicle Records

By giving each vehicle a name, service details and dates can easily be recorded. Use the 'Paddock' functionality to record the location of vehicles and equipment. The TSi is such a flexible recording system that its limits are really only as far as your imagination.

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TSi in Action

See the TSi in Action weighing sheep, dairy heifers and Angus bull cattle.