Commercial Finisher - Why use TSi?

As a commercial finisher, you know how important it is to get the key elements of your business right. You need to match your stock holding to available feed; make smart buying and selling decisions; and carry out careful and effective livestock management in order to meet your targets. The TSi and EID livestock management system will not only make your job easier, it’ll help you make better judgements when choosing options. The TSi system provides accurate data and 'what if?' analysis to enable you to make the best decisions.

Key Benefits of a TSi for a Commercial Finisher

  • You can regularly measure and track your animals’live weights and performance individually or by group/mob.
  • Each individual animal’s weight and ID can be seen right away on the TSi’s ‘collect ‘screen while the animal is being weighed.
  • Simple weight and average daily weight gain (ADG - kilogram per day) statistics by management group are available at the touch of a button.
  • The TSi will help you more accurately select the right animals for sale or slaughter at the optimum time and manage withholding periods.
  • You can review the performance of your animals by source, breed, and management practice (for example, type and method of feed).
  • You’ll be better able to manage feeding to achieve target weight gain. By regular monitoring of weight gain by group, you can see which animals are being fed adequately or not.

Find out more about the benefits of using the TSi with the Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter.


TSi - recording data

See the In Action weighing sheep and cattle.


Other ways to use your TSi on-farm

While the TSi is ideal for livestock-related on-farm use - it doesn't stop there. The TSi has the versatility and capability to be a farm-wide management tool, which you can use to keep track of a wide variety of activities and items on your farm. For example, you can track your paddock and crop management activities or store farm vehicle details and service records . Find out more about how the TSi's flexible recording system can be applied to General Farming.

Jock Menzies, Conningdale, Armidale, NSW, Australia

Jock turns off 75 head of cattle a fortnight to Woolworths Australia and he’s impressed with what the TSi can do. “The first time I saw Dave Clothier [of Gallagher] with a TSi at a field day, I said, ‘that’s what I’ve been looking for forever’.”

“In the past we’ve had problems meeting our specifications to Woolworths, because if you are even just a kilo over, you miss out on the grid. The SmartReader and TSi allow us to identify the best-performing animals and keep track of all animal health on each individual. We find that invaluable for management and quality control.

“I don’t have time to be sitting around at a desk. When you derive your income from the paddock, you don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer all night and day.” READ MORE.