Contract Grazier - Why use TSi?

With increasing competition for good dairy grazing and other stock classes, weighing and EID systems can give you the edge. The more lucrative contracts include incentives for achieving agreed target weights before stock are returned to the owner. The TSi recording system enables frequent and accurate reporting to the owner on stock performance, down to individual animal history including drenching dates. Who would you rather have look after your animals – someone that reports back to you with regular, accurate live weights or someone who does not?

Key Benefits of a TSi for a Contract Grazier

  • You can use the TSi system to manage your livestock more easily, including comprehensive group management. Animals can be easily drafted back into their original mobs using EID:   
    • Animals from different herds can run as weight range mobs for different feeding programmes.
    • The TSi enables you to put animals into ‘groups’ in relation to each farmer/client.
    • The TSi can report on weight gain by group even when mobs are made up of animals from different farmers.
    • Put animals back into correct farmer groups prior to load out.
  • Easily and accurately record treatment information for reporting to the animals’ owner:   
    • Any treatments can be recorded against the animal ID as an ‘Activity’.
    • You can press the ‘Activity’ button in the TSi’s History Menu to display all previous activities for the animal.
    • Activities can also be exported for any selected animals.
  • Measure, predict and ensure animals reach their weight targets:   
    • Show live weight trends by clicking on the ‘Graph’ button on the TSi’s ‘Collect’ screen to display the history of the animal’s live weight and average daily weight gain (ADG – kilograms per day).
    • Predict live weights at a future date using the ‘Office View’ of the TSi’s animal database so you can ensure you are going to meet your targets.
    • Use the TSi’s ‘Group’ field option to set your required drafting criteria when drafting out animals after weighing.

Other ways to use your TSi on-farm

While the TSi is ideal for livestock-related on-farm use - it doesn't stop there. The TSi has the versatility and capability to be a farm-wide management tool, which you can use to keep track of a wide variety of activities and items on your farm. For example, you can track your paddock and crop management activities or store farm vehicle details and service records . Find out more about how the TSi's flexible recording system can be applied to General Farming Uses.


TSi - recording data

Use the TSi to place animals in groups, report on weight gain and draft by group.              You can also predict an animal's live weight at a future date.


TSi - in use

See the TSi in action weighing dairy heifers.

Bryan Aldridge, Operations Manager, Grazcare, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

"TSi has made heifer weighing much simpler and more accurate. The weight of each animal appears the moment it crosses the scales and this information along with other recorded data, such as the heifer’s previous weight and animal health history, means rapid decisions can be made on the spot.”

“This is a big improvement on the old manual recording system. It's also very efficient - one staff member can now weigh and record 120 heifers an hour with the TSi, compared with 100 per hour under the previous two-person system.”

“GrazCare graziers are paid on a heifer weight-gain basis and they like the new technology because they can get instant and precise feedback on how the heifers are doing."  Read More.