Stud Breeders - Why use TSi?

Say goodbye to those long days of trying to read muddy tags, scribbling in note books and faxing information off to the breed society. Use the TSi and save time, labour and money while increasing your record-keeping’s accessibility and accuracy.    

Key Benefits of a TSi for a Stud Breeder  

  • You can record all kinds of information about your animals and view each individual animal’s history directly on the TSi while in the yards.
  • The TSi system improves recording accuracy because it uses a reader to scans ID numbers electronically, not visually.
  • Automatic weight and ID recording is not only quick and easy - it saves you time, effort and money:
    ◦ You just manage your animals through the weighing box.
    ◦ Recording is even quicker for sheep breeders who use the TSi with the Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter.
  • Exporting and importing information to and from other computer and software systems is simple:
    ◦ The TSi works with government traceability schemes (e.g. NAIT in NZ or NLIS in Australia).
    ◦ The TSi imports Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) data and other information from Breed Societies.
    ◦ It’s compatible with Microsoft Excel™ and Stockbook.
    ◦ TSi data can be emailed as a file.

      Find out more about the benefits of using the TSi with the Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter.  

Other ways to use your TSi on-farm  

While the TSi is ideal for livestock-related on-farm use - it doesn't stop there. The TSi has the versatility and capability to be a farm-wide management tool, which you can use to keep track of a wide variety of activities and items on your farm. For example, you can track your paddock and crop management activities or store farm vehicle details and service records . Find out more about how the TSi's flexible recording system can be applied to general farming uses.      

TSi - recording data  - Click on images to enlarge

The TSi records all kinds of info - including live weights, fleece weights, treatments, measurements, parentage details - the choice is up to you.  

TSi - in use  

See the In Action Cattle Video weighing Angus Bull cattle.      

Kelly Brittain, Storth Oaks, Angus Stud, Otorohanga, New Zealand   “62% of the bulls born at Storth Oaks are in the top 10% of the breed. To keep performing at this level it’s critical that we analyse our EBV’s on an ongoing basis. We use multiple trait analysis to ensure we are isolating the genetic factors from environmental influences. The TSi gives us complete trust that we are capturing accurate “raw” field data without which our EBV’s are both meaningless and damaging to our commercial performance. It has also significantly streamlined and simplified the multiple trait data collection process.” Read More